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  • Pioneers in CAE & CFD Simulations


    datacenter power saving solutions
    Airflow Management
    Thermal Assessment
    Server cooling strategies
    "What-if" scenarios
    Hot & Cold Spot Analysis

    Save upto 40% Energy costs


    datacenter power saving solutions
    Eliminate Cooling wastage
    Reduce Energy costs
    Increased Capacity
    Increased Reliability
    Hot & Cold Spot Analysis

    Save Upto 40% in CAPEX & OPEX

Pioneers in CAE & CFD Technologies

FEXILON TECHNOLOGIES solves complex engineering problems for various industries through rigorous CAE (Structural Analysis) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) solutions.
We provide a broad range of engineering services in CFD and CAE for wide array of industries including Data Centers, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic Cooling, HVAC etc.
Our team, with more than 20 years of experience, has been executing CAE & CFD projects, with higher complexities and unique challenges, both in terms of geometry & function.
Our domain-expertise, industry standard tools, proven methodology & robust processes have enabled us to handle large analysis-projects with complexities involving more than 6000 components seamlessly.
We believe that we are in the business of providing competitive edge to our customers, hence our laser-focus on quality and time.

CFD Services:

FEXILON TECHNOLOGIES offers CFD solutions on a wide range of fluid flow and thermal problems. Based on the client-requirements, we provide CFD solutions using CFD tools like ANSYS FLUENT, CFX, OpenFOAM, Star-CCM+, ACUSOLVE, GAMBIT etc. Our team of engineers have significant industrial experience over many years in a number of CFD projects, ranging from small models to very large distributed simulations.

FEXILON’s CFD capabilities:

  • Supersonic, transonic and subsonic flows
  • Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Flows
  • Steady-state & Transient Flows
  • Laminar & Turbulent Flows
  • Multiphase & Multi-component Flows
  • Multispecies models
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT)
  • Radiation heat transfer
  • Rotating machinery
  • Moving mesh problems
  • Custom UDF Development
and more ...

CAE Services:

Our CAE solutions cover a wide range of domains including Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Energy, Datacenters, Marine etc. We have a strong working experience with varied type of analyses. Some of our capabilities include:

FEXILON’s CAE capabilities:

  • All types of Static, Dynamic, Linear & Non-linear simulations
  • Mesh Generation & FE Modeling
  • Durability simulations
  • Hand-Calculations
  • Fatigue analysis (LCF / HCF )
  • Crack-growth & Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA)
  • Vehicle dynamics & stability
  • Assembly Optimization for Weight, Strength & Stiffness
  • BIW & Sheet metal forming simulations
  • Harmonic & Random vibrations analysis
  • Acoustics (Noise) Analysis
  • NVH simulations
  • Composites
  • Implicit & Explicit dynamics
  • Shock Analysis
  • Explosive loading
  • Projectile penetration
  • Frontal, Crash, Impact, Roll-over & Drop-test simulations
  • FOD – Foreign Object Damage (Explicit) analysis
  • Kinematic analysis of mechanisms (Rigid Body Motions)
  • Metal to Plastic conversion (MEP)
  • Full vehicle Integration
  • Digital Simulation / Mockups
  • Repair Manuals
Visit our case-studies for a detailed view of our services.

Case Studies