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Fexilon provides the following CAE & CFD solutions to Marine industry:

Flow Simulations:

  • Propeller System Optimization
  • Flow Pattern predictions
  • Characterisation of Hydrodynamic effects
  • Aerodynamic Interactions
  • Maneuverability investigation

Structural Simulations:

  • Dynamic response simulation
  • Strength analysis
  • Load path analysis
  • Structural Optimization
  • CAE & CFD Software Optimisation

Aerodynamic Characterization of a Ship


  • To establish the aerodynamic characteristics of the ship


  • High Quality mesh generated
  • Performed Mesh-sensitivity studies
  • Captured Aerodynamic profiles for relative velocities ranging from 15 – 20 m/s
  • Established the velocity, streamlines, turbulence characters etc.
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Structural analysis of a mid-size boat


  • To simulate structural behaviour of the boat


  • Built the FE model of the boat from geometry
  • Loading and BCs defined
  • Estimated the Load-carrying Capacity through simulations
  • Optimized the Structure for strength & rigidity
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Wind-load simulation of a boat


  • To simulate the wind-loads on the boat


  • Model cleanup performed
  • Meshing & Parametrization done for various yaw angles
  • Established the aerodynamic-resistance of the boat various angles & speeds
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