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FEXILON offers the following CAE services under Structural Analysis for the Aerospace domain:

FEXILON supports varied types of CAE analysis for Aerospace domains that include:

  • Structural analysis (Static, Dynamic & Non-linear)
  • Durability analysis (LCF / HCF )
  • Crack-growth & Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA)
  • FOD – Foreign Object Damage (Crash) analysis
  • Kinematic analysis of mechanisms (Rigid Body Motions)
  • Hand-Calculations
  • Digital Simulation / Mockups
  • Mesh Generation

We provide the Structural Analysis Support for the following Aerospace Systems:

  • Airframe
  • Aero wings
  • Empennages
  • Aircraft Control Surfaces
  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Engine Systems
  • Interiors

Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis of Mount Lug


  • Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis of Mount Lug
  • FE Modeling done in Hypermesh using 10-node Tetrahedron Elements, contact      elements.
  • Stress analysis carried out to estimate stress factors.
  • Fatigue analysis (Crack initiation and Crack propagation)
  • FE Model : 0.2 million DOF.
  • Fatigue life estimation, crack propagation after crack initiation, No. of Life cycles      before component failure.
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Simulation of Containment Tri-Hub


  • Containment Analysis for simulating tri hub failure in transient domain.
  • Hypermesh is used for preprocessing and LS-Dyna is used for transient analysis.
  • Nozzle 2nd stage, Turbine 2nd stage, Containment ring and Combustor      assemblies are considered for containment analysis.
  • Tri-hub (3 pieces) of Turbine 2nd stage subjected to velocity 41,955 rpm and      gravity
  • Tri-hub failure is simulated to predict rupture of stator and containment ring.
  • Deliverable are predicting energy absorbing capability of containment ring.
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Fan Impeller slotting analysis for a tri-hub failure


  • Finite element slotting analysis of Fan impeller assembly
  • FE Modeling done in Hypermesh using 10–node Tetrahedron Elements and      carried out further Stress Analysis.
  • Model size: Around 100000 elements
  • Material used : Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 per AMS4117
  • The optimum size of the slots were arrived at, to cause the tri-hub failure of the      fan impeller.
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